Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy
Enrollment is terminated for students who do not have a record of attendance by Monday of week 2 (policy is applicable Monday/Tuesday of week 1 through Monday of week 2).

Students who are absent for 14 calendar days or more without notifying their Student Success Coach in writing are in violation of the university's attendance policy and will be dismissed if they do not complete a successful appeal (policy is applicable Tuesday of week 2 through Friday of week 15).

Emergency Absences
For emergency absences of five days or more, when prior notice is not possible, contact your Student Success Coach immediately upon your return.

Planned Absences
Students are responsible for notifying their instructors of planned absences, and for fulfilling course requirements missed during an absence (if allowed). The Student Success Coaches, as well as the individual instructors, should be notified of any absences likely to last more than four consecutive days.

Attendance Dismissals
A student who has been dismissed has five days from the dismissal date to submit an appeal to the Dean of Academic Affairs for attendance reinstatement. Contact your Student Success Coach to initiate the reinstatement process.

All appeals must be in writing and include documentation of extenuating circumstances. During the appeal period, students are required to attend all scheduled lecture and lab sessions and take examinations.

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