Employer Assistance

Job Candidate and Company Marketing Assistance:

Throughout the year our staff stands ready to provide you with services. We host a variety of events that you should watch for such as career fairs, advisory boards, and other special events. We offer the following services at no cost to you:

  • Provide candidate résumés based on your specific selection criteria.
  • On-campus interviewing and space for group presentations provided year-round.
  • Coordinate off-campus recruitment.
  • Provide written recommendations or other employment documents as requested.
  • Administer or provide space to administer your employment test.
  • View candidate résumés and post jobs through our online Interface database.
  • Please contact Career Services at 816-943-7465
  • Or please feel free to email your job requirements to KCC-CareerServices@devry.eduDownload Form here (PDF) 

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