Employer Assistance

Job Candidate and Company Marketing Assistance:

Throughout the year our staff stands ready to provide you with services. We host a variety of events that you should watch for such as career fairs, advisory boards, and other special events. We offer the following services at no cost to you:

  • Provide candidate résumés based on your specific selection criteria.
  • On-campus interviewing and space for group presentations provided year-round.
  • Coordinate off-campus recruitment.
  • Provide written recommendations or other employment documents as requested.
  • Administer or provide space to administer your employment test.
  • View candidate résumés and post jobs through our online Interfase database.
  • Please contact Career Services at 816-943-7465
  • Or please feel free to email your job requirements to KCC-CareerServices@devry.eduDownload Form here (PDF)

Senior Project Assistance:

DeVry University students working on their Senior Project are creating a cost-effective way for companies to carry out projects while observing DeVry's most available talent.  Senior Projects are designed to give students real-world experience in their area of study while companies benefit from the free help. 

Senior Projects can fall under any area in which DeVry University offers undergraduate programs, such as Business and Management, Engineering and Information Sciences, and Media Arts and Technology.


  • Must be able to be completed within a 14-week period
  • Should not be of a mission-critical nature
  • Should be non-proprietary
  • Should not create an extreme hardship for the client if the results were unacceptable

To submit a request to review your company's Senior Project idea please Download Form Here (PDF)

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