Program and Location Changes

Program Changes

  • Students planning to transfer from one program to another at the same DVU location must apply by completing the appropriate form below by Sunday of the first week of the session in order to be effective that session.
  • Students may be required to sign an enrollment agreement addendum before beginning classes in the new program.

Graduate Student Program/Specialization Declaration  
Undergraduate Student Program/Specialization Declaration    

How do I declare a graduate certificate?
Once admitted, students must declare their intent to pursue a certificate with their location by submitting a Certificate Declaration - Graduate Student case via the student portal.  Go to and select the Ask Us a Question link.

How do I declare an undergraduate certificate?
As undergraduate students are allowed to pursue only one program at a time, students wishing to earn an undergraduate certificate are required to change programs and must apply by completing the appropriate form above.

Location Changes

  • Students wishing to transfer from one DVU location to another must submit a Location Transfer case via the student portal.  Go to and select the Ask Us a Question link.  For the location transfer to be effective for that same session, it must be submitted by Sunday of Week 4.
  • All grades and credits earned at any DeVry location carry forward to the new site and are evaluated for applicability at that location.
  • Students transferring locations must fulfill their financial obligations to the location from which they are transferring before transfers are granted. Students may be required to sign an enrollment agreement addendum before beginning classes at the new location.
  • Students on financial aid warning (academic warning) or financial aid probation (academic probation) maintain their academic status after transferring.
  • Students considering a transfer within the DeVry system should be aware that hardware, software and other differences exist among DeVry courses and labs system-wide. Specific transfer requirements are available from transfer coordinators.

Ineligible Students
Students who are on academic dismissal, financial dismissal, or disciplinary suspension or expulsion are precluded  from transferring to another location.

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